Democrats call upon GOP Jury Commissioner to Keep His Promise and Return the Salary for a Wasteful, Unnecessary Position

CARLISLE – By a unanimous vote, the Cumberland County Democratic Committee has chosen not to send a name to the County Court of Common Pleas to fill the vacant slot of Cumberland County Democratic Jury Commissioner. The Committee believes the post should remain vacant and ultimately be eliminated.

The vacancy will be created by the resignation of Rick Rovegno, who has been an outspoken advocate for eliminating the position by law. Rovegno said since taking the office he has performed no functions in the job and has annually returned his salary to the county treasury.

“The reality is Jury Commissioner is a job of a bygone era,” said Michael Fedor, Democratic County Chairman. “The jury selection process is entirely automated through computers and overseen by a talented and well-trained county workforce. Our vote tonight to send no name to the Court indicates our firm belief that the responsible action to the taxpayers of this county is to leave the job unfilled and finally see to its elimination.”

The Cumberland County Democratic Committee also instructed Chairman Fedor to send letters to the County’s General Assembly delegation, urging them to work towards swift final passage of HB 1644 so it may land on Governor Corbett’s desk for signature. The bill would empower the County to eliminate the two elected Jury Commissioner positions before they are up for election again in 2013.

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“We also call on Jury Commissioner Lowell Gates to fulfill his promise to the taxpayers and return his salary immediately as Rick Rovegno has done. It was a pledge he made in 2009, and it should be kept,” said Fedor.

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