In response to an article in the Carlisle Sentinel on Sunday, September 23, which made some erroneous claims about voter registration totals in Cumberland County, I have submitted this letter to the editor.

Dear Editor:

It is my pleasure to help your newspaper correct an error. Contrary to your paper’s headline, registered Republicans do not outnumber Democrats 2 to 1 in Cumberland County. In fact, for nearly every Republican voter in our county there is a voter registered as a Democrat, Independent, Green, Libertarian, or no Party at all. With more than 51,000 registered Democrats to the Republican Party’s 80,000 in Cumberland County out of a total of 155,000 voters, the Democratic Party is not outnumbered 2:1 by Republicans, but our Party does have work to do if it hopes to help Democrats win races for local, county, and state offices. We cannot simply rely on Party voter majorities to win.

I agree with the assertion that Party registration does not tell the whole story. Cumberland County residents have diverse political views and our communities are subject to steady growth with new voters moving in every day. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has been mired in a national identity crisis for decades, but the times in which we live are making it clear that the values of justice, equity, and peace that the Democratic Party has stood for since Franklin Roosevelt and reinforced by John Kennedy are the very values that will strengthen our nation and communities again.

Our goal for the Democratic Party in Cumberland County is to be a truly community-based Party. And contrary to the implications of the article, Democrats are serving in local elected offices across Cumberland County today, and we plan to work hard to expand their ranks. We are organizing to be a Party of people that bring our values to bear to solve local issues, preserving what makes our communities great places to live, while embracing positive change in the process. We believe we cannot have strong schools without strong teachers. We believe we cannot ensure that our streets are safe and clean without clear support for police and local work forces. We believe must support local businesses with viable plans for how our communities will deal with change, growth, and development.

When the Cumberland County Democratic Party recruits candidates for local and state office with commitments to work hard and fight for these principles, we can and will win. When our Democratic candidates can clearly communicate positive ideas for the future for our communities, we will be a Party that can win more support from a majority of voters precinct by precinct, school district by school district, and yes, even across Cumberland County.

Michael Fedor
County Chairman
Cumberland County Democratic Committee