All elected and appointed members of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee have been secured poll watcher certificates. They are available for pick up at CCDC Headquarters at the times below.

What is a poll watcher certificate?
A poll watcher certificate allows a duly registered Democratic resident of Cumberland County to enter any poll in the county and observe the free and fair election being conducted. Poll watchers may raise concerns with the Judge of Elections if they witness improper Election Procedures. All suspect actions should be reported to the County Chairman at the time of their occurrence so he may follow up with County Election officials. To reach the County Chairman on Election Day, call or text 717-559-0333.

Do I need one to hand out literature outside of the poll?

Where can I get sample ballots and street lists?
All of these are available at headquarters as well. Please sign that you have received your poll watcher certificate and updated street lists. Please, only 1 copy per committee person. Please only take your own precinct list unless you have been asked to pick up materials for another committee member.

Where can I get yard signs for my poll?
Contact the candidate directly. We are also encouraging candidates to put extra signs at headquarters.

Certificate Pick Up Times

Saturday, Nov 2
10 AM – 2 PM
Sunday, Nov 3
2 PM – 3 PM
Monday, Nov 4
4 PM – 7 PM