Circulating Petitions to get on the Democratic Ballot? Signing petitions for the first time and unsure what to do? Here are 10 helpful tips to ensure our right to vote is protected.

1. Be sure you follow the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Guidelines on Petitioning in Pennsylvania 2017, found here.
2. You may only circulate a petition for members of your Party of registration.
3. You may only circulate a number of petitions for candidates equal to the number you will be permitted to vote for in May. For example, if there are 3 borough council seats up for election, you may circulate up to 3 different candidates’ (same party as you) petitions. If there is only 1 slot or position (1 mayor, 1 coroner, 1 sheriff), then you may only circulate 1 candidate’s petitions.
4. The same goes for signatures. You may only sign petitions for the same number of candidates you’ll be permitted to vote for that office in the May Primary Election.
5. Print your name EXACTLY as you are registered to vote.
6. Sign your name EACTLY as you print it.
7. CITY, BOROUGH, or TOWNSHIP is not the same as POST OFFICE. List the municipality in which you reside, NOT the post office that processes your mail. For example, your mailing address may be Enola, but your township could be East Pennsboro or Hampden Township.
8. Use pen on your petitions, not get ink or pencil.
9. Signatures should be secured sequentially and dated as such – meaning no date corresponding to a signature on the sheet should be earlier than the dates or signatures above it.
10. The Circulator’s Affidavit on the petition must be notarized by the circulator, otherwise all signatures are void on that petition.