Carlisle, PA – As the county seat, Carlisle politics always garners county-wide attention. That is especially true as the first Democratic mayor of Carlisle in a generation campaigns for his first re-election under a new re-structured home rule local government in the growing and changing Central Cumberland borough.

The Democratic ballot presents some choices, and as of now there are not any endorsements by the county party among contested primaries. It’s important to remember that not all candidates on the ballot for School Board Director or Magisterial District Justice are Democrats as candidates from both parties may file to appear on both ballots.

So for every Democrat’s benefit, here are the registered Democratic Candidates on the ballot for the Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Primary Election in Carlisle.

Mayor (4 year term)
Timothy A. Scott (Incumbent)

Borough Council (4 Year Term)
(Vote for no more than 2)

Deb Fulham-Winston
Brenda Landis
Christopher Varner

Borough Council (2 Year Term)
Sean Shultz

Carlisle School Board Director (4 Year Term)
(Vote for no more than 4)

The following are the only registered Democrats on the ballot

Kitzi Chappelle
Julie W. Lesman
Rick Coplen

Carlisle School Board Director (2 Year Term)

Fred Baldwin

Magisterial District Justice (6 Year Term) (09-2-02)

No candidates are Registered Democrats

Election Inspectors & Judges (4 Year Term)

Carlisle 2

Judge of Elections
Andrea C. Jacobsen

Inspector of Elections
Sherry Harper-McCombs

Carlisle 3-1

Judge of Elections
Rebecca R. Kline

Inspector of Elections
Helen Beckner

Carlisle 3-2

Inspector of Elections
Laura Erfle

Carlisle 3-3

Judge of Elections 
Heather Champion

Inspector of Elections
Donna Williams

Carlisle 4-1

Judge of Elections
Thomas Brown