Camp Hill, PA – Democrats in Camp Hill have a reason to turn out May 16 for the Democratic Primary Election. In 2017, the Democratic Party has recruited 13 local candidates to compete to win important roles in our local government. They are counting on your vote.

“It is the strongest showing by Democrats in Camp Hill in recent memory,” said County Party Chair Stephanie Christ. “We are eager to help these men and women get out and meet the voters.”

It is important for Democrats to turn out this May because not every candidate on the Democratic Ballot is in fact a registered Democrat. In Pennsylvania, candidates for school board director and magisterial district judge may cross file to appear on both ballots, which several Republicans and Democrats have chosen to do. However, it will not list their party of registration on the ballot. It’s up to the voter to know that before casting their ballot.

Here are the names of the REGISTERED DEMOCRATS running for positions in local government in Camp Hill.

Magisterial District Justice

Susan Pickford (D)

Camp Hill School Board (4 slots open)

Brant Underwood (D)

Melanie Gurgiolo (D)

Susan, Brant, and Melanie will all be competing against Republicans also filed on the Democratic ballot for our Party’s nomination for these positions on May 16.

The following Democrats do not face primary opposition, but are still counting on your vote on May 16:


Debbie Smith

Borough Council (4 seats open)

Carl Schultz

Trina Brady

Alissa A. Packer

Tanya Rhen

Tax Collector

Diane Neiper

Judge of Elections, Camp Hill 2

Sandra L. Snyder

Inspector of Elections, Camp Hill 2

Wendi J. Taylor

Judge of Elections, Camp Hill 3

William C. Kellie

Inspector of Elections, Camp Hill 3

Ellen M. Siddons

Democrats willing to serve as Judge of Elections or Inspector of Elections in Precincts 1, 4, or 5 are encouraged to write in their name or the name of a deserving fellow Democrat from the precinct.