In Harrisburg on February 10, the Democratic State Committee voted to accept an “open primary election” for Democratic Lieutenant Governor. This means the Party has endorsed no favorite, and it paves the way for 100 days of campaigning by the seven declared candidates for the office. That will be 100 days of road trips, chicken dinners, county party meetings, debates, and house parties for the seven declared candidates for the Constitutional officer that serves in a four year term as second in line to the governor and presides as President of the State Senate.

If you are curious to see these candidates in action, visit PCNTV.com/Election-2018 for the latest videos covering this important Primary Election.

Michael Fedor

Michael Fedor is a member of the PA Democratic State Committee on behalf of Cumberland County and Area Leader for Hampden Twp. He was a 2017 candidate for Cumberland County Prothonotary. He served as County Party Chair from 2011 to 2014.


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