The Cumberland County Democratic Committee (CCDC) is a group of activists working to improve the lives of families in not only Cumberland County, but the Harrisburg Capital Region and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The CCDC exists to elect local Democratic candidates to office while expanding party activism at the grassroots level across the county. We are dedicated to working locally to provide a voice for issues and concerns that would otherwise be ignored. We speak with a strong, clear voice for those who are too often unheard.

The CCDC works tirelessly to carry our Party’s platform into every corner of the county, connecting with neighbors and friends to build stronger communities. Committeemen and Committeewomen are our foot soldiers. They are the heart, soul and feet of the Democratic Party in precincts from Wormleysburg to Shippensburg. Their work over decades have made the CCDC what it is today, but we cannot settle for minority status in a growing county like ours as good enough.

In order to promote diversity in our Party, each precinct in Cumberland County is represented by one man and one woman. While not every precinct today has representation, we are always striving to expand our ranks with hard-working, committed Party activists who share our vision for communities that are more responsive to the needs of our families.

CCDC is turning a page. We are working to build a local Democratic Party that recruits qualified, viable candidates for local and state offices, equips them with the training and skills they need to run effective campaigns to win. We are also working to train our activists to run strong local campaigns and build powerful grassroots networks that can be effective forces for good in our neighborhoods.