At the urging of former Cumberland County Chairman, Willis Kocher, we are undertaking a serious project at CCDC to remember our history and write it down. There are literally hundreds of dedicated Democrats who helped to build our Party over the years, and we do a disservice to them and our current Party of activists when we forget their names, their struggles, and the contributions they made.

We are inviting you to contribute to our “History Project” by sharing stories, names, key events, honorees, and awards that have been handed down over the years. Simply share your best recollections – even if some of the details are fuzzy – by emailing us today.

Cumberland County Democratic Committee Chairs

2016 – Present
Stephanie Christ

2014 – 2016
Ken Lee

2011 – 2014
Michael Fedor

John Alosi

1998 – 2011
Gail McDermott

1994 – 1998
Mary Uehlein

Dave Ferris

1990 –  1994
William P. Feuchtenberger

1982 – 1990
Marianne McManus

1980 – 1982
Willis Kocher

1968 – 1980
William P. Feuchtenberger

? – 1968
John W. Bucher

Harold Stum

H.C. Erickson

abt 1937
Raymond A. Myers

  abt 1927
G. Lawrence Strock

 abt 1894
William Henry McCrea

1869 – 1894
Raymond E. Shearer