We have a long-standing tradition of recognizing individuals for their outstanding work in our communities to build the values and principles of the Democratic Party. Men and women of outstanding character, leadership, and courage have been recognized over several decades.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service:

Is our highest annual honor, given to a Democrat who has exemplified through words and deeds the highest levels of leadership and service. The recipients of this award demonstrate clearly what it means to lead others, while working tirelessly in service to our communities, our county, our state, and our nation.

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The John F. Kennedy Award for Visionary Leadership & Innovation

Is given to a Democrat who exemplifies the pioneering spirit of President Kennedy and endeavors to see things not simply as they are now, but for what could be. John F. Kennedy once said “courage–judgment–integrity–dedication” were qualities he hoped to bring to the presidency, and it is these same qualities we recognize in the honoree to whom we bestow this award.

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The Marge Fitzpatrick Committee Person of the Year Award:

The Annual Recognition Awards bestowed yearly by the Cumberland County Democratic Committee were converted to Committee Persons of the Year in the 1990s. In 2011, following the passing of an exemplary CCDC Committeewoman, Marge Fitzpatrick, we felt it was only fitting to rename the award for outstanding contributions community and to grassroots organizing in the Cumberland County Democratic Party in her honor.

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