This is a short podcast where you’ll learn about all things CCDC… event announcements, fundraisers/parties, meeting notices, candidate interviews, and a whole lot more!

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iTunes (Mac and Windows):

The easiest way to subscribe is through iTunes, which comes preinstalled on every Mac, and is available for download on Windows.

Click this the link below (or iTunes icon) to visit the CCDC Talk page in iTunes. To subscribe to the podcast, simply click the “subscribe” button under the album art on the left side of your screen. While you’re at it, we’d love if you could leave us a rating or review by clicking on the “Ratings and Reviews” tab



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On Apple’s mobile devices, there are several podcasting apps that you can use to easily subscribe to our podcast. Apple’s own ‘Podcasts’ app, available in the App Store, is free and works well, especially if you use iTunes on your computer. Once you have installed the ‘Podcasts’ app, use this link to go to the CCDC Talk page.


Other third-party “podcatchers”

If you use a different app to subscribe to podcasts, or we didn’t mention an app for the platform you use, you can manually copy and paste the link below into your podcatcher of choice.



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You can listen to each podcast by clicking the “play” icons on this site: 



If you want to watch a video of this audio-only show… well, go for it! We won’t stop you.




Need help?

Contact the show’s host, Matt Haas, by sending an email to: secretary@CumberlandCountyDems.com

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