Candidates 2017

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State Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

Dwayne Woodruff

Facebook: JudgeDwayneWoodruff
Twitter: @Woodruff2017

For 10 Year Retention (State Supreme Court of Pennsylvania)

Justice Debra Todd (D) – YES on retention

Justice Todd is the second longest serving justice on the Court and therefore next in line for Chief Justice (which is based on seniority among its members). She would be the first female Chief Justice in the 400 year history of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Debbie Kunselman

Maria McLaughlin

Geoff Moulton (Incumbent)

Carolyn Nichols

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

Ellen Ceisler

Irene Clark

County Row Offices
Recorder of Deeds

Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen

Facebook: Michael Nguyen for Record of Deeds
Twitter: NguyenVote

Prothonotary (Fancy name for Clerk of Civil Court)

Michael Fedor

Michael Fedor

Facebook: Michael Fedor for Prothonotary
Twitter: @MichaeljFedor

Clerk of Criminal Court

Asha Makam

Asha Makam

Facebook: Asha Makam for Clerk of Court

Register of Wills / Clerk of Orphans Court (Dual Role)

John Alosi

John Alosi

Facebook: VoteAlosi

Local Magistrates, School Boards, Boroughs, Townships Positions

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Mayors and Councils and Local Officials

Camp Hill

Debbie Smith

East Pennsboro


Tim Scott

Hampden Township

Shippensburg Borough

School Boards

Camp Hill

Carlisle Area

Cumberland Valley

East Pennsboro

Mechanicsburg Area

Shippensburg Area

West Shore