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2023 Election Calendar

The PA Department of State has released the 2023 Important Election Dates. Find it here.

2023 Primary Election and Our Democratic Candidates

Now that the petitioning process is over, please be patient as our 2023 Election page is updated to include information on all Democratic candidates who will appear on the May 16 Primary ballot. These updates will take a few weeks. Stay tuned so you can help us spread the word about all of our great candidates. It will be most important to share our Democratic school board candidates since these candidates can cross-file and appear on both ballots for the Primary. We are counting on you to help us share this important information with your Democratic friends and neighbors.

PA Dems Endorsed State-wide Judicial Candidates

Updated Office Hours

With the petitioning period officially ending, our office, located at 46 W Louther Street in Carlisle, right next to the Post Office is now CLOSED for the next few weeks. We know you, our loyal Democratic voters, will have questions about the Primary election on Tues. May 16. Watch this space for information on when our office hours will resume.


    2023 Sustaining Member

    We are the Democratic Party of Cumberland County working hard to get Democrats elected in every community and at all levels of government! Our county party is supported almost entirely through small local donations. This makes it challenging to budget and plan for expenses such as answering calls, knocking on doors, participating in texting and postcard campaigns, increasing our social media, and training and helping our candidates win their races. You can make a difference with your thoughtful recurring donation by becoming a Sustaining Member of CCDC. Become a Sustaining Member of CCDC at Select a monthly amount that you are comfortable with and click “Make it Monthly”. Thank you!

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    Cumberland County Young Democrats (CCYD)

    Young Democrats in Cumberland County are 18-36 years old and work to elect Democrats, advocate for progressive issues, and train the next generation of progressive leaders in Cumberland County. Contact CCYD here today!

    Matt Roan

    Matt Roan



    Welcome to the Cumberland County Democratic Committee!

    Local people are working to elect Democrats at all levels of government to build a better, more inclusive and equitable Cumberland County for all. Join your neighbors – Precinct Committee People, Area Leaders, Officers and State Committee representatives – all striving together to reunite and rebuild our communities.

    The heart of the CCDC is grassroots activists. We hope you’ll become active with the Cumberland County Democrats today.


    Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy

    You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer

    you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.”

    — Martin Luther King, Jr