2023 Election Info

Did you know elections happen every year? Pennsylvania voters can vote in 2 elections every year. A primary election, typically held in May, and a general election in November.

In 2023, state-wide judges, county-wide offices, local municipal offices, and school board seats will be up for election. Not sure which offices are up for election in your community? Find out at the following links:

    2023 County-wide Offices up for election

    County Commissioner

    The Commissioners ensure compliance with provisions of the County Code and are granted authority to:

    • Establish the annual county operating budget
    • Approve expenditure of county dollars
    • Authorize all county government contracts
    • Manage all county properties and buildings

    The functions of the Commissioners also include:

    • Delivery of public services
    • Regional planning and economic development
    • Finance and budget management
    • Personnel administration.

    In addition to the Board of Commissioners’ regular meetings, commissioners also serve on committees, which deal with specific county issues.

    County Commissioners serve a 4-year term. Salary is $86,560.

    County Treasurer

    Responsibilities of the Treasurer’s Office are as follows:

    • Receiving and depositing all monies daily for operational accounts/funds of the county
    • Investing county operational funds
    • Maintaining all cash balances daily for County Accounts
    • Collecting and disbursing the County Hotel Tax, which is presently set at 3%
    • Serving as a member of the County Retirement Board

    The Treasurer’s Office also provides services for:

    • PA Department of Agriculture (dog licenses)
    • PA Fish & Boat Commission (fishing)
    • PA Game Commission (hunting & range permits)
    • PA State Police (pistol permits)
    • PA Department of Revenue (bingo & small games of chance)

    The County Treasurer serves a 4-year term. Salary is $80,925.

    County District Attorney

    The District Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County and carries out the following duties:

    • Prosecutes all misdemeanor and felony cases arising in the county
    • Must fairly and efficiently prosecute individuals (juvenile and adult) charged with committing crime
    • Prosecutes probation and parole violations
    • Has the power to convene investigative grand juries
    • Works closely with all police departments in the county and state and federal law enforcement officials on investigations, crime-fighting and public safety initiatives.

    The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office is committed to seeking criminal justice innovations that promote public safety, increase community well-being, and reduce recidivism.  

    The District Attorney serves a 4-year term. Salary is $211,497.

    2023 Municipal Offices up for election


    Boroughs and townships are required to have an annual audit made by:

    1. three elected auditors or,
    2. an elected controller or,
    3. CPA who may be appointed.

    An auditor reviews, adjusts, and settles the accounts of the tax collectors, the magisterial district judge, and all officers of the borough/township.  An auditor may suggest plans to the council for the management and improvement of the borough finances.

      Auditors serve a 2-year or 6 -year term. According to state law, each auditor shall receive $10 per hour while conducting auditor’s duties, to be paid by the borough or township. If the borough or township has a population of 10,000 or less, the auditor may not receive more than $1,000. If a population is more than 10,000, the auditor may not receive more than $2,000.

      Click here to see if your municipality elects auditors.

      Borough Council 

      A borough council is the governing body of the borough. A borough has three, five, or seven councilpersons. Council duties include:

      • Hiring employees
      • Adopting a budget
      • Approving expenses
      • Adopting ordinances or local laws

      Councilpersons are elected for four-year overlapping terms and receive a small compensation.

      Click here to see borough council seats up for election in your municipality.

      Magisterial District Justice (MDJ)

      Magisterial District Justices are part of the minor courts on the first level of PA’s judiciary. MDJs do not have to be lawyers, but they are required to pass a qualifying exam after completing a rigorous training and education program administered by the Minor Judiciary Education Board. MDJs are responsible for:

      • Deciding if serious criminal cases go to the Court of Common Pleas
      • Preliminary arraignments and preliminary hearings
      • Setting and accepting bail (except in murder or voluntary manslaughter cases)
      • Emergency protection-from-abuse-orders
      • Small claims cases, for claims under $12,000
      • Landlord–tenant matters
      • Municipal code violations
      • Motor vehicle violations

      Magisterial District Judges serve 6-year terms and can serve an unlimited number of terms until the mandatory retirement age of 75. Yearly salary $106,254. Benefits are provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Click here for benefit information.

      Click here to see if a MDJ is up for election in your municipality.



      A school board is a legislative body of citizens called school directors, elected locally by their fellow citizens and who serving as the governing body of each public school district. School Board Directors are responsible for:

      • Establishing a vision and goals for the district
      • Hiring, collaborating and annually evaluating the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent
      • Setting and evaluating policies for management of the district
      • Adopting a district budget
      • Monitoring and evaluating student opportunities and achievements
      • Approving curriculum

      Each board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office. Unlike most other elected officials, school directors receive no compensation for their work.

      Click here to see school board director seats up for election in your school district.  CUMBERLAND COUNTY HAS ALMOST 40 SCHOOL BOARD SEATS UP FOR ELECTION!


      Township Commissioner/Supervisor

      The commissioners/supervisors of a township mandated responsibilities include:

      • Adoption of an annual budget
      • Levying of taxes
      • Hiring of employees
      • Maintenance of streets and roads and drainage facilities
      • Facilitation of other services provided by the township including parks and rec, police and fire protection, local planning, zoning and code enforcement, and garbage and recycling collection

      Township Commissioners/Supervisors may appoint a township manager to coordinate township employees and operations, a zoning officer, and other staff.

      Township Commissioners/Supervisors are elected for 4-year over-lapping terms and receive a small compensation.

      Click here to see the township commissioner/supervisor seats up for election in your municipality.