Mission and Vision

The Democratic Party is the Party of diversity and inclusion.

The Party of everyday people, for the people, by the people. Freedom, fairness, and opportunity for all, regardless of what they believe, who they are, and where they come from are the founding principles of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee.

Cumberland County Democratic Committee Bylaws

Cumberland County Democratic Committee Social Media Policy

The people who represent the Cumberland County Democratic Committee work hard year-round, in communities, government, and local organizations to elect Democrats in the Keystone state, while holding Republicans accountable across the board. We are dedicated to strengthening the Cumberland County Democratic Party to ensure that all people are able to live, work and thrive in our county, our state, and our nation.

Cumberland County Democratic Values

CCDC is guided by these fundamental values:

  • Raise incomes and restore economic security for the middle class
  • Create good-paying jobs with equal pay for equal work 
  • Fair taxation and efficient spending to meet our community’s needs
  • Protect voting rights and restore our democracy with fair districts for true local representation
  • Combat climate change, build a clean energy economy, and secure environmental justice-making clean air and water a priority for all 
  • Ensure accessible and affordable patient-protected healthcare 
  • Provide quality and affordable public education that works for all students
  • Secure access to affordable child care and family leave 
  • Safeguard vulnerable minorities including LGBTQI, transgender, and people with disabilities
  • Support our troops and keep faith with our veterans
  • Government that is transparent, serves all people and promotes civil public discourse.