Part of CUMBERLAND County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of Lower Allen (PART, Precinct 02), Monroe, Silver

Spring, South Middleton (PART, Precincts 01, 02, 06, 07, 08, and 09) and Upper Allen and the BOROUGH of Mount Holly Springs.


Kristal Markle, is a single mom, small business owner, and leadership development expert with years of experience in PA government.

An accident 5 years ago left Kristal with a traumatic brain injury impacting many of her cognitive abilities like reading and writing. Markle, once employed by the Commonwealth as the Training Officer for the Department of Public Welfare, found herself and her children dependent on government services. Now years later, having recovered from those injuries, Kristal brings a unique perspective on the important role government can play in people’s lives when it is most needed.

Kristal has nearly two decades of experience in the field of servant leadership.  She has used her background to build a successful small business coaching executives, developing leaders, and inspiring courage in others. “I lead with love and service.  The people I serve are the most important and I am merely a conduit for their success.”

Kristal lives in Upper Allen Township with her 2 daughters and dog. She received her BA from Bloomsburg University and went on to receive her Master’s in Strategic Leadership from Messiah University. Kristal is the President of Bossy Girl Leadership.



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Part of CUMBERLAND County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of Hampden and Lower Allen (PART, Precincts 01, 03, 04, 05, and 06) and the BOROUGHS of Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland and Shiremanstown.


Sara Agerton lives in Mechanicsburg, PA where she raises her teenage daughter with her husband.  She currently serves her community as an elected official on the borough council.  She is employed as a healthcare administrator in the field of hospice.  Her career in Social Work has allowed her many opportunities to serve families and children throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  She is a believer of giving back to her community and finds herself serving in many capacities to make her community better.

After graduation from IUP with a BA in Criminology she realized that her talents were better placed in Social Work.  She went on to receive her Masters in Social Work while working full time and starting her family.  It was during this time she worked with children in group homes, foster care and adoption.   She has worked in guardianship and now in hospice.  This career path has allowed her to work with all aspects of the family.  She has been able to navigate systems to assist those in need and advocate for them.

She has also found herself volunteering and believes in being active in the community.  She has been a girl scout leader, a girls on the run coach, a facilitator for Alzheimer’s support groups, and guardian, and now serves on the fundraising committee for Sadler HealthCare Expansion to the West Shore.  When an opportunity arises, her values push her to be there serving her neighbors.

Over her elected experience she has been able to be a voice for her constituents.  She has served as chair of Outreach and Communication, Parks and Property, and currently chairing the Personnel Committee for Mechanicsburg Borough Council.  She has the opportunity to serve as a liaison for HARB and for the Downtown Mechanicsburg Partnership.  She is active in supporting small businesses and helping promote services throughout the pandemic.  She also takes an active role in promoting outdoor recreation and supports the Greenway Trolley Project.

She continually finds herself in a role of advocacy.  Promoting the ideals that we must look out for each other not leave those behind.  Issues that are important to her are accessible and affordable healthcare.  This should not be a barrier to individuals and we need to look at the barriers preventing those from receiving preventable healthcare and specialty services including mental health services and addiction care.  She believes that education for our children needs to be at the forefront.  Without quality access to education and funding for our public education systems, our children suffer. Infrastructure is also top of mind as we look at crumbling roads and bridges.  Government inaction is costing us more by delaying a comprehensive plan.

If elected Sara understands her role in helping move forward policies that will help everyone in the 88th and promote our path forward.  This area is part of one of the fastest-growing areas in PA and the time is now to have a new voice.



Part of CUMBERLAND County consisting of the TOWNSHIP of East Pennsboro and the BOROUGHS of Camp Hill, Lemoyne and Wormleysburg and Part of DAUPHIN County consisting of the CITY of Harrisburg (PART, Wards 01 [PART, Division 01], 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 [PART, Division 01], 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15).


State Representative Patty Kim, a former news anchor, reporter, and Harrisburg City Councilwoman was first elected to the state House of Representatives in 2012. During her first term, Kim was a leader in government reform and transparency. She returned her cost of living increase (COLA) and introduced a bill to eliminate the yearly pay increases. She is also one of the only members of the House to post all of her expenses on her legislative website for public review.

Rep. Kim’s priorities in the General Assembly include taking a solution-based approach to statewide issues, working in cooperation and collaboration with colleagues, and utilizing her record of service to support initiatives that stand to better the lives of the citizens she represents.



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Part of CUMBERLAND County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of Hopewell, Lower Frankford, Lower Mifflin, Middlesex, North Middleton, North Newton, South Middleton (PART, Precincts 03, 04, and 05), Upper Frankford, Upper Mifflin, and West Pennsboro and the BOROUGHS of Carlisle, Newburg, and Newville.


Alan Howe is a retired US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant with 24 years of service including two decades overseas in Asia, Europe, and the Persian Gulf. After serving his country, Alan completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Middle East Displacement Studies at George Mason University, graduating summa cum laude in 2012. Howe ran for Congress in 2017-18 first in the 11th District and then in the 10th District after the PA Supreme Court redistricting in 2018.

He is an activist, conservationist, fly angler, hunter, and dedicated anti-racist. He has been a full-time resident of Carlisle since the end of 2014 and is a reliable volunteer for environmental causes. Howe has been defending democracy since 1981.

Howe looks forward to showing voters an important distinction between the major political parties. “Republicans only promise. Democrats deliver. Democrats will make Pennsylvania better.”


Man (Jeffrey Filler) sitting on concrete steps