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September/October 2021

Pumpkin Spice, Elections, and Everything Nice

The fall season is upon us with all of the splendor it has to offer – cooler weather, beautiful foliage,  pumpkin spice everything, and ELECTIONS!  The November 2, 2021 election is considered an off-year election and while that may be true, these off-year elections are still EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Besides our local candidates running for School Board, Borough Council, Township Commissioners, and Judge and Inspectors of Elections, Pennsylvania has 4 statewide Judicial races that are imperative to WIN!  If you and other Democrats turn out we WILL WIN.

As you sit and scan this newsletter, those with contrary views are filling in ballots, planning on standing in line, if need be, to ensure that their candidate with like-minded beliefs slips in and takes a seat on the School Board, gets a chair on the Commissioner’s dais, a post in the State Legislature, a role in the local election process, or gets control of the microphone.

There is no question anymore that every vote counts, every last one of them.  We see that in the demands for recounts. We see that in the avalanche of voter restriction bills across the United States. We see that in the ridiculous plans to gerrymander districts to benefit one side over the other. As someone has said, “If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to take it away”.

President Dwight Eisenhower said, “The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter.” That could never be truer than today. Every day we are greeted with decisions at local and state levels that confound logic, empathy, and science. We see this in recent School Board actions, some here in Cumberland County, some in neighboring counties, that include book banning and demanding the rescinding of mandates designed to keep our children safe, among others.

Now, with the recent threat by the GOP-led PA Legislature to subpoena the personal information of voters, it’s time to send a message.  What we need, what we need to do is step up and tell them no. That individuals, residents of Pennsylvania, will not be intimidated by the outspoken minority who seem to think that we have rolled over and accepted their version of the status quo.



Woman in business suit, smilingCommissioner Corner


Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd will be here before we know it. Our Bureau of Elections serves county voters and is staffed with proficient, professional, and reliable public servants.  If you need a phone number, a date, or anything else election-related, here’s a link to get you connected with what you need.

We have many great Democratic candidates running for office this election season.  Whether it’s canvassing, phone calls, or donations, every effort counts. October is a tough, tiring time for candidates so there’s no better time to lend a hand. I’ll be canvassing on several October weekends. You’re always welcome to join me. Here’s a link to all municipal candidates across Cumberland County.


County human service mandates and operations are funded through county property tax dollars as well as federal and state grants. County Commissioners will commence a review of the 2022 County Strategy and Budget soon. The budget will be on display, online, and in-person, from November 1st to November 29th. You may comment on the budget in writing by emailing the commissioner’s office or sending a letter. Looking forward to your input on how your tax dollars are spent.

Public Meetings

I encourage your participation in county public meetings. There’s a lot going on and it’s a good time to be paying close attention. At every public meeting, you have the opportunity to comment on the business of that meeting. Here’s the link to locate the particulars for a variety of public meetings.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!

-Jean Foschi, Cumberland County Democratic Commissioner