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July/August 2021

Cumberland County Democrats Kick Off the 2021 Election Season at the Home of Commissioner Foschi

Democratic Commissioner Jean Foschi kicked off the 2021 election season this weekend with a Democratic Mixer at her home in Mechanicsburg, PA. The gathering was attended by more than 80 Cumberland County Democratic Party members and candidates running for county-wide row offices as well as school board, borough council, and township commissioner positions across the county. Foschi encouraged the new candidates to roll up their sleeves, empower grassroots voters, and organize in Cumberland County to build back better and create a community where everyone can thrive.

Democrats and Republicans in Pennsylvania helped secure the White House for Joe Biden in 2020.  Pennsylvanians didn’t vote for a governor or a senator in 2020, but they’ll vote for both in 2022 and the Cumberland County Democrats are laying the groundwork to win again in Pennsylvania.

Republicans already began changing their party affiliation following the January 6th attack on the capital, including almost two hundred Republicans in Cumberland County.

Election officials and poll workers administered a safe election amid a deadly pandemic in Cumberland County. Voters turned out in record numbers, giving Republicans and Democrats both gains. Now even Republican-leaning counties are resisting the latest efforts to launch a partisan audit of Pennsylvania’s election results by Trump loyalists from Cumberland County.

As struggling families recovering from the effects of the pandemic begin to receive immediate and direct relief in the form of the expanded child tax credit payments this month, voters in Cumberland County are aware not a single Republican in either chamber of Congress voted for Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package to ensure that their family would be able to make ends meet.

The message is clear. Together, we are the Democratic Party fighting for a better, fairer, and brighter future for Americans.  Cumberland County Dems are prepared to welcome everyone to the Democratic Party with a new website, ten active clubs, including a Young Democrats Chapter in Cumberland County, and Democratic candidates for municipal, school board, and row offices in Cumberland County in 2021.

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Public Meetings

I encourage your participation in county public meetings. There’s a lot going on and it’s a good time to be paying close attention. At every public meeting, you have the opportunity to comment on the business of that meeting. Here’s the link to locate the particulars for a variety of public meetings.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!

-Jean Foschi, Cumberland County Democratic Commissioner