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Dems Notes a quarterly newsletter



Summer 2023

Vote to Curb Judicial Activism
If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it is that the courts matter. As a nation, we’ve been pushed backward by the actions of a conservative, activist U.S. Supreme Court whose rulings have rewritten policy on abortion rights, affirmative action, and student loan forgiveness. They have also legally sanctioned discrimination by altering public accommodation law by judicial fiat.

In Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to elect our judges. This year, we have critical elections for three important state-level courts. The judges we elect in November will protect against conservative judicial activism and ensure that the laws are respected when it comes to how our elections are run, how our government serves its citizens, and how our criminal code is applied. For more information about our statewide judicial candidates, please visit

This year’s judicial elections also provide Cumberland County Dems the opportunity to demonstrate that we can and will deliver for our statewide Democratic candidates. Cumberland County is on the PA Dems’ radar as a county that is trending blue — and trending fast. In Cumberland County, where the ranks of registered Democrats are still growing, our Democrats show up and vote in greater proportions than do our neighboring counties. This is a testament to the hard work of our local candidates, activists, and volunteers.

This November, let’s demonstrate once again that Cumberland County is critical to the statewide success of Democratic candidates by turning out for Dan McCaffrey for PA Supreme Court, Timika Lane and Jill Beck for PA Superior Court, and Matt Wolf for PA Commonwealth Court.


Calling All Dems

November is coming. So are elections in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 …

I’ve been looking at voter turnout — the kind of turnout that is eluding Dems in Cumberland County.  

There are 60,0761 registered Democrats in Cumberland County and 86,722 registered Republicans. 

Democrats are not voting in the numbers we need to win more elections. So how do we get Dems to turn out to vote?

We must keep working at it and making our presence known. Knocking on doors, I’ve learned that many Dem voters believe there aren’t any other Dems in their neighborhood. They are often surprised when I tell them the number of Dems living on their street. 

Our Democratic message is excellent: “You Belong.” Let’s continue to put out our message of belonging, knock on doors, register Democrats to vote, be involved in our communities and get to know our neighbors. It’s work, but it’s worth it. 


PA State Committee Update

On behalf of State Committee Members Jacqueline Smith-Bennett, Tom Fink, Sean Quinlan and me, I would like to thank our local committee people, executive board and Chair Matt Roan for their outstanding work supporting our local candidates, commissioner candidates and statewide ticket.

Next year’s election, when we elect candidates for attorney general, auditor general and treasurer as well as U.S. senator and delegates to the National Convention and our candidate for president, is quickly approaching.

The State Committee Endorsement Meeting will be Dec. 11–12 in Harrisburg.
Please GOTV and Vote Blue.

Democratically Yours,
Sandy Wolfe
Former Mechanicsburg 4th Ward committeewoman. Elected member of Democratic State Committee. Member of many statewide caucuses as well as the South Central Caucus and the PFDW. I have managed campaigns for council, state house, congressional and statewide presidential candidates. I am proud to be a Democrat!