CCDC Executive Committee Officers

Matt Roan

Matt Roan


Liz Reilly

Liz Reilly

First Vice Chair

Karl Marchut

Karl Marchut

Second Vice Chair

Don Dissinger

Don Dissinger


JP Shaw

JP Shaw


CCDC State Committee Members

The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Founded in 1792, the PADSC is charged with steering the direction of your party and organizing for Democrats across the ballot!

PADSC members, elected to four-year terms, meet in full three times each year. PADSC members elect party leadership, hold nominating conventions, pass and promote a party platform, and help lead organizing efforts all across the Commonwealth.

Except for the CCDC chair, who becomes an automatic member of the State Committee, PADSC members are elected during the Gubernatorial Primary. The following were elected in 2022:

  • Jacqueline Smith-Bennet
  • Thomas E. Fink
  • Sean Quinlan
  • Matt Roan (CCDC Chair)
  • Sandy Wolfe

Members at Large

  • Andrew Bostjancic
  • Robin Agerton – Chair, CCDC Communications Subcommittee
  • Judy Gilroy – Precinct Committee Person Representative

CCDC Standing SubCommittees and Chairs

Campaign/Candidate Recruitment

The mission of the Campaign/Candidate Recruitment subcommittee is to find, train, and support Democratic candidates across Cumberland County in local, county, state, and federal elections.

Main duties:

  • Outreach/contact with candidates
  • Build robust field plan, canvass launches
  • Data management
  • Training on finance/compliance, VoteBuilder/MiniVAN, campaign101, fundraising

Joe Swartz



The mission of the Communications subcommittee is to spread the message of the Cumberland County Democratic Committee to the public through our website, social media, traditional media, e-newsletter, and emails. The Communications subcommittee has four working groups and always welcomes new members.

The four working groups are:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Email/Newsletter
Robin Agerton

Robin Agerton



The mission of the Building Subcommittee is to maintain and preserve our headquarters so CCDC has a solid, accessible, and functional space in which to achieve our mission. CCDC Headquarters is located at 46 W. Louther St. in Carlisle.

Main duties:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Renovations
  • Trash removal/Cleaning
  • Snow removal


The mission of the Events Subcommittee is to plan and execute events (in-person and virtual) to engage CCDC members, promote our Democratic candidates, and raise money for CCDC.

Main duties :

• Working with Executive Committee to create new events
• Locating and securing event venues
• Coordinating with venue staff
• Creating/sending invitations
• Event set-up/tear-down


The mission of the Fundraising Subcommittee is to raise the funds needed to operate all aspects of the Committee (candidates/campaigns, communication, infrastructure, outreach).

Main duties:

• Responsible for the annual Presidents Club appeal
• Identifying potential donors
• Maintain donor database
• Outreach to potential donors
• Coordinate with Events Committee





The mission of the Voter Registration Subcommittee is to register and empower more Democratic voters.

Main duties:

  • Serve as a conduit for Voter Registration events in all areas of the County
  • Attend community events and organize neighborhood door-knocking for direct voter registration outreach

Contact a Subcommittee

CCDC Areas and Area Leaders

The Cumberland County Democratic Committee is divided into 11 Areas. These Areas correspond with the local school district serving those areas.

Area Leaders coordinate and promote Democratic voter registration and campaign activities in their area. They work with  the Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) in their area and keep them informed of the actions of the CCDC Executive Committee. Area Leaders also report monthly to the CCDC Executive Committee on the programs and projects being conducted in their area.

Precinct Committee Person (PCP)

Contact your area leader below for more information on connecting with your neighborhood PCP or serving as a PCP!
Click here to see if there is a PCP vacancy in your voting precinct. Not sure of your voting precinct? Find out here.

The precinct is the most important voting and organizational unit within the Democratic party. Each precinct corresponds to one polling place where residents of that precinct go to vote. The precinct is YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and YOUR NEIGHBORS. Cumberland County has 118 precincts. Each precinct can elect two PCPs every 4 years. PCPs are elected in gubernatorial years on the Primary ballot. If a vacancy occurs during those 4 years, PCPs can be appointed by the County Chair.

Precinct Committee Persons work with their Area Leader and are responsible for delivering the Democratic party message to voters and delivering voters’ concerns back to the party.

Duties include:

  • Maintaining and increasing Democratic registration
  • Maintaining and increasing Democratic turnout
  • Distributing vital voter information to voters in their neighborhood
  • Recruit and train volunteers in their precinct
  • Provide representation of CCDC at  the polls on election day
  • Attend meetings of the precinct and CCDC
  • Communicate with Democratic voters in their precinct and promote Democratic candidates


  • Cooke Township
  • Lower Frankford Township
  • Lower Mifflin Township
  • Newville Borough
  • North Newton Township
  • Penn Township
  • South Newton Township
  • Upper Frankford Township
  • Upper Mifflin Township
  • West Pennsboro Township


Wendy Whitesell

  • Carlisle Borough
  • Dickinson Township
  • Mt Holly Springs Borough
  • North Middleton Township


Liz Moore-Reilly

  • Camp Hill Borough


Kathleen Keadan

  • Hampden Township


Matt Roan (acting)

  • Middlesex Township
  • Monroe Township
  • Silver Spring Township


Mike Alsher

  • East Pennsboro Township


Kimberly Turner

  • Lower Allen 1 Annex
  • Mechanicsburg Borough
  • Shiremanstown Borough


Jo Bitzer

  • Upper Allen Township


Gabrielle Dietrich

  • Hopewell Township
  • Newburg Borough
  • Shippensburg Borough
  • Shippensburg Township
  • Southampton Township


Anne Franklin

  • South Middleton Township


Joe Swartz

  • Lemoyne Borough
  • Lower Allen Township
  • New Cumberland Borough
  • Wormleysburg Borough